National Women’s Retreat 2020 Schedule

“Christ has set us free to live a free life.”
Galatians 5:1 (MSG)

3:00pm | Express Check-In |Foundations-For-Life Building #2

4:00pm | General Check-In |Foundations-For-Life Building #2

Free Time Taste-N-See, Go-Carts, NWR Resource Center
5:00pm Pink Dinner Shift | Smiley’s Dining Hall
5:20pm Grey Dinner Shift
5:40pm Green Dinner Shift
6:00pm TBI Testimonies | Ambassadors’ Hall (Optional)
7:00pm Freedom Fest | Rachel and NWR Guest Speaker
Food Fest! | Smiley’s Dining Hall
11:00pm Suggested Curfew
12:00 am Lights out, please.

7:00am Coffee! Taste-N-See and Resource Center
7:30am Walk u0026amp; Talk | Meet at the door of FFL-1  (optional)
Devotional Prayer Ambassadors’ Hall (optional)
8:00am Corporate Prayer | Ambassadors’ Hall (optional)
8:00am Green Breakfast Shift | Smiley’s Dining Hall
8:20am Pink Breakfast Shift
8:30am Baptism of the Holy Spirit Workshop | Ambassadors’ Hall (optional)
8:40am Grey Breakfast Shift
9:15am Freedom Fest | Pastor Rachel Burchfield

12:00pm Free Time | Smiley’s Dining Hall, Go-Carts, Horses

12:00pm Grey Lunch Shift
12:10pm Green Lunch Shift
12:20pm Pink Lunch Shift

SUNDAY Please attend your local church.

The retreat concludes after lunch.  Go-carts are open until 1 pm. Everyone leaves with a gift!

NWR2020   P.O.Box 100    Columbus, TX 78934  

1-888-714-CAMP (6627)