National Women's Retreat FAQ

What and where is Country Camp?

Country Camp is a Christian Conference Center founded by Pastors Tommy and Rachel Burchfield in 1989. Columbus, Tx. is 120 miles east of San Antonio and 70 miles west of Houston.

What should I expect at a National Women’s Retreat?

Hundreds of women from many churches celebrating their friends and faith for 24 hours. Powerful praise, anointed Bible ministry, miraculous healings, renewed hope and unconditional love.

Why should I consider attending?

A break from your routine is refreshing. You’ll come home filled with new purpose.

Is this a church group thing or a BFF thing?

Both. Most ladies attend with their church friends.

A group of ladies from my church want to come. How do we sign up?

Select a semi-organized woman to become the Group Contact and go to the Group Contact page.

Is this a new-and-improved way to sign-up?

Yes, you’re gonna love it.

What benefit is there to register as a group?

Upon arrival to the event, registration is quicker.

May I bring my child(ren) if I can’t find a babysitter?

Mothers may bring nursing babies, but bringing all other children is discouraged and a registration fee would be required.

What are the dormitories like?

This is Country Camp, not Country Club, but multiple bunk beds and private showers are fine for just one night. Some say that the dorm party is their fav part.

What do I need to bring?

Bedding, towels, toiletries, Bible, notebook, flashlight, Brag Books (kid/grandkid’s pictures)

Why do you list near-by hotels?

Some of our guests prefer to stay off campus (10 miles) and pay the extra money for a more private room.

What is the registration fee if we stay in a hotel?

The registration remains the same regardless of where you stay. The average cost of a Christian event of this type is $125. Thank you for understanding.

What does the Registration Fee include?

Overnight lodging, 3 meals, 2 General Sessions, 2 Speciality Sessions and a NWR souvenir.

Is there Spanish translation?

No, but there will be several times at each retreat with Spanish interpretations.

What topics will be taught at NWR?

All guest speakers are requested to select women-related topics and Bible basics such as God’s love, Real Womanhood, the Power of the Holy Spirit, Living with Purpose, etc. We gather churches for unity.

Is there any time for personal ministry?

Yes. A morning prayer time and one-on-one prayer with seasoned Christian leaders occurs several times during the retreat.

What do we wear?

Jeans, slacks, jogging suits are most common, but you’ll see skirts, too.

Do women really ride the go-carts and horses?

Ooooooh yeah!

Who attends these annual retreats?

Women of all ages; soccer moms and CEOs, not married, happily married, not-so-happily married, divorced, senior citizens, and stay-at-home moms. All of God’s beautiful daughters.

Is there shopping?

Yes! NWR souvenir t-shirts, books, teaching CDs, girl stuff, specialty coffees and more… All proceeds go towards reaching children and teens for Jesus Christ. Also, just west of Houston is Katy Mills Outlet mall.