"If I can get them to Country Camp, I know Holy Spirit will take care of the rest."


"If I can
get them to
Country Camp,
I know Holy Spirit
will take care
of the rest."

A Group Contact is the selected representative to speak on behalf of their local church.

Want to bring your church group to Country Camp?


Make Your Reservation

Reservations require anticipated camper range and a credit card on file while details are processed.

Receive Confirmation Codes

A confirmation code will be emailed to the Group Contact with a Sign-Up Code to give to all who plan to attend.
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Gather The Group

Campers use their Sign-Up Code to fill out the Camper Reservation Form via online or paper form.

Check- In Campus

Room assignments and access to the event will be completed at check-in.

Group Contacts have the authority to make adjustments to their reservation, as well as repersent their church as the point of contact for Country Camp.

A Group Agreement Form is connected to each group reservation ten business days before the event. By providing and agreeing to the final details of your reservation, Country Camp can provide a greater experience for your church group. The Group Agreement Form can be generated in your Dashboard.
  • Confirmed dates of your reservation on file with our Reservation Department.
  • Camper count is the total count Country Camp is expecting with your group.
  • Deposit Amount charged to the card on file 10 business days before the event.
  • Registration Rate the church group receives and agrees to.
  • Group Contact who will be present on campus to repersent the church group.
  • Understanding & Release giving Country Camp the ability to provide a great camp experience for your group.

FAQ by Group Contacts

When is my Group Agreement Form due to the Reservation Department?
The Group Agreement Form is to be signed and uploaded or mailed in ten (10) business days before the event’s start date. Our Reservations Department will support you with any questions you may have.
When is the due date for our total camper deposit?
Both the Deposit and Group Agreement Form is due ten (10) business days before the event’s start date.
What if our count is less than I agreed to on the church’s Group Agreement Form?
We understand things happen! The individual will forfeit their deposit, but will not be required to pay the full registration amount.
What if my count changes and needs to increase?
Your count can fluctuate up or down as much as it needs to until the 10-Business-Day prior mark.

Any count that increases after this point will simply require a new and updated Group Agreement Form.

Both Group Agreement Forms will need to be reconciled at the time of Check-In.
Can I transfer an individual camper’s deposit to another person?
Yes! All deposits are per camper space and can are transferrable, however they are non-refundable.

Example: John can’t attend the Fall Retreat, but he wants to designate his deposit for Jeremy.
Can I transfer a deposit from one event to another?
Yes! Group deposits for Country Camp related events can transfer per weekend event.

Example:You signed up for National Women’s Retreat #1 and need to adjust to NWR #2?
No problem. There’s always a place for you at Country Camp.
Who is considered a church group?
Church groups are two or more people who are focused on building community among each other and agree to participate with our anointed services, fun activities and have the blessing of their local church.